After using Rustoleum and successfully spraying at least 5 coats of various shades of silver but never getting the right color and shade I found the Valspar Brushed Nickel spray paint on the internet at the Lowe's web site. My last coat of Rustoleum silver had been applied about 6 days ago, and before applying the Valspar I roughed up the top surface with Scotch brite.

To my horror (besides the spray paint can being incredibly difficult to push using the 'new, improved design') the top coat of Valspar that I had applied immediately started 'lifting.' This effect is about as close to wrinkling as I've seen and makes the surface appear cracked and wrinkled. My previous coats of Rustoleum were ruined since I must now strip back to the bare plastic and start over. There was NO warning on the Valspar can about using this garbage over an existing paint surface. And, the flow of paint through the newly designed can was ridiculously uneven and sporadic.

I had shaken the spray paint can for five minutes prior to applying so I doubt that was the reason. I just think Valspar has decided it just doesn't want to be in the spray paint product market any longer!

What a waste of time and money!! I hate Valspar....B^((

Monetary Loss: $250.

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Hollywood, Florida, United States #954020

The issue you had was mixing brands. I've been using Valspar AND Rustoleum for years and that's the first thing you learn; outside of primers -which are neutral territory- you don't mix branDs.ds.

The new nozzles are a bit difficult to use but it does take practice. It also could have been the outside temp or humidity; those DO effect curing and drying.

Again, don't mix brands and that's not an issue.

Abilene, Texas, United States #816073

I had the same problem with Valspar. I will let stuff rot before using Valspar!!

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