Undertook the simplest painting job - a white ceiling over a perfectly sound white ceiling.

No repairs, no discolorations. It just needed a new coat to freshen up the room.

Used Valspar Ceiling paint and a 3/8 inch roller. After two coats it is uneven with 'shadows' and lap marks. Went back to touch up and the texture was uneven on those places as well.

Lowes did the right thing and refunded $$ -- rep said 'he never recommends Valspar -- go with Olympic'.

Here are 17 more words to satisfy this sites requirements. Valspar is a terrible, terrible, terrible product. Done.

Lesson learned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Valspar Paint.

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Miami, Florida, United States #969148

Olympic paint is a joke or what I refer to as "turtle ***" if a rep at Lowe's ever tells you to use Olympic over Valspar please ask to speake to a rep that knows what they are talking about.

Santa Ana Heights, California, United States #621941

First of all, genius painter you are not. Anyone who has ever painted knows to

NEVER use a 3/8" roller on a textured surface. That's painting 101. In fact it even

states that on the roller package! Any paint will be inconsistent like you've

described when using the wrong tool..duh. You need at least a 1/2" roller if not a 3/4".

The reason you need a bigger knap is so the roller stays fluffy a d distributes

the paint evenly over the bump texture. 3/8" just compresses because its for

Flat surfaces and ends up smearing the paint and you get the results you've

described. So next time blame yourself not the product!! I've painted professionally

for 25 years and only use Valspar, couldn't be happier with their products!

to Krock London, England, United Kingdom #817260

Before you go blaming the person, you should read his post properly. They do not state that their ceiling is textured.

They are referring to the finish the paint gave them. I mix Valspar paint for a living and it is the worst paint ever :(

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