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VALSPAR is a new American paint company in the UK.

It is the worst product ever. It is so thin that I have seen milk with a thicker constitancy, I would ask any to avoid this product in the UK being sold by B&Q. They make claims that its better than Crown and Dulux. No way.

I have used Valspar for the first and last time. I am still peeling it of my wooden bannister and when I put it one it smelt like smelly feet.

It was suppose to have been a one coat and a gloss its more like a primer and its a matt. Stick to a quality product like Dulux and or Crown paint. After all quality is better than quantity and you will use as a quality paint far less than a quantity paint in the long term.

I have to remove all the VALSPAR and I have used DULUX, Phew what a sign of relief I have my home back to normal now all three floors.

TRUST me EVERYONE in the UK don't buy this product.

Lord Archbishop Professor David Bell

My Lord His Grace Archbishop of London

Product or Service Mentioned: Valspar Paint.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Stockport, England, United Kingdom #866921

As a painter/decorator I am becoming really worried the impact this type of paint is going to have on my business. I am becoming embarrassed to have to explain to customers who refuse to believe the paint I use isn't just a cheap shortcut to rip them off,when it goes yellow.

So now I'm being forced to use an alternative water based product that from what I've read and heard about simply isn't ready for the market. As I use the likes of b&q's trade depots often I've already been harangued by the staff about this fantastic new range that's coming, and to be honest I'm not happy. It's ok to say the paint dries quicker so you can get more coats on, it still means on a full house I'm painting it 3 maybe 4 times to get a decent finish.

And judging by these reviews even that may not be the end of it. Come back solvents all is forgiven!!


It sounds as though the paint may have been off or it is quite possible the prep was not done properly? Did you strip right back?

As all Valspar paints are an acrylic water base it will not cover any previous solvent based applications.

I have encountered the smell only once but as soon as paint was completely dry it disappeared. The premium range offered by Valspar is by far a long way better than the best of Dulux and crown.

Worthing, England, United Kingdom #828238

Tried some of this at the weekend a darker shade over a lighter wall I was a little dubious the moment I opened the the tin but having shelled out my cash I went ahead anyway.

What a mistake that was it looked smelt and applied like a childs poster paint streaky doesn't even begin to describe the finish.

I gave up after one wall and went back to B&Q who were dismissive telling me I hadn't used the paint correctly!!! I've been painting the houses I've lived in for 30 years you put a brush /roller into the paint how hard can it be.

After that I visited a Dulux decorator centre and bought alternative paint from there hey guess what it applies perfectly and looks great.

My opinion is that B&Q were offered either a substantial cash incentive or discount to stock this *** and then palm it off to their customer base.

As B&Q have been relentlessly pushing down the quality of whatever they stock and sell for years I guess they just dont care.

Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom #803986

Just bought valspar paint for bedroom skirting and paid £5 extra for the better quality , it was awful , I thought it was the brushes , bought new brushes , had to do 2 coats and it looks a streaky mess , will never use it again and will be complaining tomorrow ....Maureen

London, England, United Kingdom #759714


Derby, England, United Kingdom #758496

I would totally agree with you ,ive spent £60.00 on 2 tins of this *** ,spent all day peeling it off (comes of like a PVC WRAP )Today after a further £50.00 have now started to re paint in DULUX a well trusted brand here in the UK .This Brand VALSPAR is rated in the Uk by B&Q as to be the best paint they sell ,IF THIS is the best you can do I wont be using you again TOTAL *** WAIST OF GOOD HARD EARNED MONEY A WAITS OF TIME DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT ,

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