I have a $40,000.00 addition on my house. I have been in the construction industry for over 20 years doing commercial and industrial construction.

I have gone to school for electrical, plumbing, HVAC and for construction management. My drywall contractor primed my walls using Valspar primer. I painted most of my walls in other rooms with other brands of paint over top of Valspar primer and they really turned out great. I was in the neighborhood of Lowes one night and decide to stop and buy some paint for one of my rooms.

I told the girl that I want a semi gloss in latex and showed her the color that I wanted. She gave me Valspar Ultra Paint + Primer. I used this paint to paint my room. There were a few spots on the wall where the paint bubbled.

I wiped that area off and repainted. The paint dried really quickly and I tried removing the tape and it was pulling the paint was pealing off with tape. I stopped taking the tape off and looked on the internet to see what I could do. I watch a video on Valspar website and it showed a girl removing the tape by scoring it with an X-Acto knife.

It look like she was having trouble removing the tape and it was pulling the paint off of the wall. I went to Lowes to see what I could do and when I told the girl that I had a problem with the paint, she just looked at me at said you did it wrong and walked away. I never got a chance to tell her what the problem was. I called the store manager and he was to get in touch with the Valspar rep and never did.

I called Valspar and told them what the problem was and they tried to tell me I did it wrong, then they said I used the wrong primer. When I told them what primer I used, they changed there mind and said that my drywall was to cold. I told them that this drywall was in my house for 3 weeks and the temperature was 70 degrees. Then they tried blaming the rollers that I used and I said that I used Purdy rollers.

Then they were blaming my masking tape and I said that I used the green frog tape. They blame everything but the product. I have been doing this for a long time and this paint is junk. This paint is awful.

It ruined my walls. It is impossible to sand this paint. When you try to sand it, it balls up. It does not cover in one coat and why put call this paint and primer when you have to primer walls.

It is very misleading. This paint is pealing off of my drywall. The best they can do is offer my money back for this paint. I want my drywall replaced.

If it is pealing now, you know it will peal off more later. After dealing with Valspar and Lowes, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PAINT TO ANYONE. Valspar will blame you and not there product. Please go and buy Sherwin Williams Paint if you need paint.

Valspar had cost me a lot of money. I had to stop my construction project until I got answers from them. I had to hold off on my flooring. I am not sure if it is worth taking them to court.

I am looking in to it. I am going to spread the word about there poor quality of paint and customer service.

This company should not be allowed to sell poor quality paint like this.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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I just finished trimming a room with Valspar Ultra and am absolutely disappointed that it didn’t cover. Light paint over light paint- it looks awful.

I’m going to get something better before I continue.I agree with the contractor- tried the gorilla tape once with Valspar Reserve paint and it peeled the paint off or I had to use a knife. No fun.


Worst review I've read on this paint! I have applied dozens of gallons of their paint and each application turns -out great.

I have been a painter for 40 years and have used other brands, PPG, Sherwin-Williams, Devoe , Benjamin Moore and Behr. I would rate this paint at the top of the previously mentioned competitor's paints.

This one bad review should not deter consumers from using Valspar and Clark/Kensington products. It is now my preferred brand of paint.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #1311226

This paint sucks *** it did the same thing to me

Sparta, Michigan, United States #1188661

I had the same problem. I used the Valspar drywall primer after some patch jobs just to be safe...even wiped the walls down with damp sponges.

When I applied the paint over the 2 week dried primer, it peeled right off. No adhesion at all. Now I have to go back and peel off the remaining, repatch, reprime with Zinsser and repaint.

By the way I bought Valspar paint also that dries too quick, sticks better than the primer and definitely doesn't cover in one coat.

Always using Benjamin Moore or Behr after this


had the same thing happen in my bathroom. Still working on fixing it.

Peeled clear down to the drywall. Had primed first then painted with paint and primer in one....hate any paint with primer in it...not what I wanted. They even recommended trim paint with primer in it....and it's worse than the wall paint.

Hate it!!! :(

Beaumont, Texas, United States #719597

TJ. I use the signature series and the ultra.

I haven't had NY issues except if you use a sheepskin roller you have to double coat.

I have only used the matte finish. :p TJ


I just used this product and had the same results. It is peeling all the way down to the plaster portion of the drywall.

I supposedly have a rep that is going to call me, but I am not holding my breath considering that, when I called the company, the customer service rep argued with me for more than 5 minutes that it was impossible for the paint to dd that. I will NEVER use Valspar again.


Just so to know, Behr started the "Paint and Primer" in one and falsely marketed their paint as a one step paint and primer. After customers kept requesting an all in one paint other companies had to get on the band wagon.

"Paint and Primer" in one is a thicker paint that (usually) covers in one coat. However, it is in NO way a bonding primer or even a dry wall primer. Valspar signature and ultra are both exceptional paints.

Perhaps you had a hard time sanding the paint because it is a LATEX paint and YES, it will clump when it's sanded just like a latex paint. Hmmm, go figure.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #620015

I have to agree with the OP. In the past, we've used Valspar with no problem.

However, we just finished painting a living room and hallway with Valspar, and when removing blue tape, the paint peeled extensively.

It doesn't cover over white walls in one coat, and satin looks like semi gloss. We won't use it again.


The three *** hits are from Valspar employees monitoring the internet for negative comments about their product just an FYI

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