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my husband worked for Valspar. He went into renal failure from diabetes.

He was dependable, never rec'd any write-ups, never been fired. Ever. He was told he should keep company car as his job would be there waiting for him when he got better. Then when he drove it-once- he was fired--on the last day of the month leaving us one day to scramble and borrow money to get cobra so he could continue dialysis.

He could have just been written up, but no. A very heartless company. If it had been me at my previous company, they would have thrown a benefit to help us pay bills. But I have not worked in several years, and Valspar was family to us.

When we called to talk to someone in authority we were met with nastiness and a who cares attitude. This company definitely does not care about anything or anyone but money.

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I also worked for Valspar you are correct very heartless people in authority. They treat their employees horribly. I would seek an attorney to see if you have grounds for a suit against them since he was on medical

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