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So, I always use a different paint to seal my foundation every fall. It takes a gallon of paint and I use a waterproof paint -- and the results are a dry cellar for another year. However, year before last the saleswoman at Lowes said that this Valspar Waterproof paint was as good as the stuff I had used. She convinced me, the can after all made the same claims. Last spring the paint did not do what it said it would do -- and the result was... Read more

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Bought the medium range Valspar. Quality is rubbish, wont cover evenly, blotchy, very very thin - watery like, doesn't coat the brush or roller very well. It says one to two coats, I'm now on my fourth coat having now upgraded to Valspar's top grade paint in their range. To their question, no its only the sitting room wall I'm painting on, no it's not over a dark colour and it is nothing I'm doing wrong. Bought brand new rollers and... Read more

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Purchased Valspa signature paint + primer, ideal for kitchen and bathrooms. .. Color grey base A Took time to clean and use painters tape on the walls. There was good ventilation in the bathroom and was dry. Applied paint and allowed to dry before reapplying. Pulled painters tape off and took off some of the paint leaving uneveven edges. Repainted edges with small brush. My main complaint is that after a few days, I noticed streaks running... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 21
  • #869717

This paint is unsatisfactory i will bot recommend this to anyone it has a high cost with bad results i wish i could get my money and time and labor back because this was very stressful

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first time i used valspar got 4 packets of glitter to add to white paint total wast of time and money as you can not see it on the wall so upset i was told i only needed 2 packets as it was not the large tin but i used 4 packets 2 silver 2 gold even at night when the light is on you can not see it on the wall will not be painting with this brand again the wall had newly painted walls to start with so was going on white walls that had been... Read more

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I am on my 3rd coat of this Valspar Satin primer finish It leaves roller marks and brush marks. I hired a professional painter. He was told it was his roller after putting 2 coats on. He contacted Valspar Rep and was given 2 more gallons. The painter refused to come back because he did his job. I understand its his time and $$$. but I am still in a predicament I talked with the paint mgr., he insisted it was the wrong roller. He set me up... Read more

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I had purchase the Valspar Tuscan Accents which is a 2 part faux paint that was expensive but beautiful. I painted my kitchen/dining area, bedroom, and a bathroom all with this paint in different colors. Went to go back to buy additional paint for touch up and repairs only to find out that its been discontinued. So I write Valspar asking what to do because if I can't get that paint I will have to repaint over half my house and this is the reply... Read more

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Just bought a house previously painted with Valspar paints. The paint is peeling off the walls, it's taking the undercoats with it, so now I have patches of bare drywall, torn paper, and peeling paint all over the house. The peeling seems to be linked to the tack of the paint, yes it is still tacky. I never buy Sherwin Williams, and after seeing how it performs, I will never buy Valspar, it is absolute trash... do yourself a favor and get a... Read more

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P.s. I suspect behrs (new) top of the line paint, is simply, what use to be their top of the line. Their $30 a gal paint, is now, IMO, ***. I've used at least a 1000 gals, & now the past 2 times, I couldn't cover white over white, without 2 coats of their goop. Try valspar, but don't expect to touchup with the new color codes, because they won't match. Either way, this paint is cheaper & better than behr. Paying more for paint, doesn't... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Feb 23
  • #796298

Will never buy this paint again!! Bad coverage even over primer......a waste of money and 2 days painting time!!!

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